Photo Series – Part 1

I have been seeking new and different ways to find peace and serenity.  The inside of my head feels like a jumbled mess and at times creativity is lacking.  So I figured that I’d experiment with photography and do a series of still lives, all evocative of tranquility in some way.  I’m having a mini-obsession with chado so I’ll probably include a lot of that imagery as well.

In this first group of images, I have a cluster of wildflowers growing out of a crack in the pavement, some new tea things, and my “lucky bamboo” plant hanging out in my mini-atrium.    Finally, my old boy Shinji decided to feature himself in the photo shoot.  The only time he likes his picture taken is when I’m trying to make a delicate shot of something else.  Oh well.  Viva la Meezer!

Portrait of Tranquility 2 1500Portrait of Tranquility 1 2000Portrait of Tranquility 3 2000Photobomb Shinj 2000i

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