Horse Isle 3 Update – Holiday Frolic!

The holidays have reached the Infinite Wilds.  Along with some great updates, like being able to catch rare purebreds in the Wilds, and those long awaited pony carts, now we have a holiday tree and Santa hats!

The Santa hats can be had for 1,000 Mobia.  This price is designed to keep them relatively rare.  They look like your standard Santa hat, except that the red part can be redyed to any color you want.  Once you own one, it’s yours forever unless you give or trade it away.

The Club holiday trees are a bit more transitory.  They take up one decor spot at a club, must be built on flat ground, and will disappear on their own sometime after January 1.  They are quite large and impressive looking, and lack any particular religious imagery as they are meant to include all players in the fun.  They also react when someone plays an in-game musical instrument near them!

Under the tree you may find presents, they are to be opened on December 25th.  Buying a present for the Tree costs 50 Mobia, but the great thing about them is all club members get to open them on the big day.  So if you have 20 presents under the tree, every single club member gets 20 for their own.

The presents are similar to what you’d get by dropping a Wishing Coin into a Fountain, with the added possibility of getting Coal or an Esroh Essence.  It’s not established exactly what Coal is good for yet.  I’ll be saving mine, just in case!

Here are a couple pictures of what the Tree looks like, as well as a few new pictures of local wildlife.


(If you’d like to join this awesome game, make sure and use this link or place my ID, 1023, in the box when you join.

That way, if you ever decide to buy a subscription, even for one month, you’ll get a bonus 1000 essence, plus 10 Esroh Essence to help you get started.  A subscription costs 500 Mobia per month and you can buy Mobia from other players in-game if you don’t have cash to spend.)

Holiday tree day 1
Tree on first day at night
Holiday Tree Club TigerTon
Tree with lots of presents!
Fennec 2
Fennec in Desert Biome
Coyote in Mesa
Coyote in Mesa Biome

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