Out of this world – amateur lunar photography

I have so much fun with my little Nikon.  If I brace it just right (usually on the mailbox or the hood of my car) and zoom in on the moon all the way, I can get some pretty decent shots.

Once, I used a sponge floor mop as a monopod.  That worked pretty well!  The sponge protected the camera and the handle provided some much needed stability as I propped it on the ground.

Here are a few!









If that isn’t out of this world enough, here is a photo of the moon that makes it look all strange and mysterious.

blurred moon 1




5 thoughts on “Out of this world – amateur lunar photography

  1. Great photos! Didn’t realize that those Nikon’s could take such good low light photos. Did you have to do anything with the settings to get the photos to turn out so well?

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    1. No, just a lot of tricks to keep it steady, some careful zooming, and doing it on auto. Mine’s a Coopix L830, of all things. It won’t take good low light photos of anything else – just bright light sources.

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