Publishing Particulars for Draft2Digital

Read below for my special offer for authors!

As many of my fellow authors know, Pronoun is closing down.  Pronoun was actually a really great eBook publishing platform, and gave authors a great profit share.  Probably too great – since they are shutting down.  Anyway I’ll miss them.

On a recommendation, I gave Draft2Digital a try.  I found the conversion and formatting easy, the eBook templates varied and nice looking, and the interface was awesome!  Profit share is still good, too, and they distribute to multiple vendors.  They do provide universal links for ease in marketing, and there’s even a neat feature where your readers can sign up for email alerts for you publish a new book.

I had one little issue with one of the vendors, but the Draft2Dgital rep was responsive friendly and corrected it immediately.  So far I’ve had nothing but good to say about them.  I like retaining control over my books, and being able to price them at any rate I wish, without paying up front.  I also like how you can set any payment threshold you want, and they pay you via an assortment of methods.

So that brings me to my special offer, particularly for authors!  If you follow my affiliate link and join, then send me a message or an email, I’ll feature you in an author interview to promote your new book.

Just follow the link here!  My email address is on the About page.

That link, if you want to save it, is:

If you want to see what one of their universal book pages looks like, check this out:


Happy creating!

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