My motives aren’t hidden

…not like this cat is, anyway.  She does such a good job of blending in!

I’m taking a bit of time here to explore the goals of this blog, because everyone who follows should have access to my thoughts about why it’s here.  What’s going through my head, what my plans are, all of that.

Mindflight is ultimately for people who create, or who would like to create but don’t think they can.  As a blogger, I want to avoid anything that doesn’t help the reader in some way.  I want to share stories that might inspire or educate, share skills that empower, give tips and pointers that help my fellow artists, and maybe cause a reader to think outside the box once in a while.  I think that everybody has the chance to be a better person than they were yesterday, and have some fun in the process.  I think that goes beyond creed and philosophy.  If I can help an artist think about something in a new way, or a writer try something they never thought they could, I’ll be happy.  In the process I find myself learning a lot too, and that’s a great thing!  Like the site says, “together we soar.”

My “three pillars” are:

Inspiration, Development, Empowerment.

Each entry on this blog tries to do one of the three and that’s my pledge to you.

Hope you enjoy!

Here’s a better shot of Saia, the would be bobcat, exploring her “savannah.”


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