Spam risk isn’t imaginary

Most of you have probably encountered spam comments. Those can be bad enough.

Lately, I’ve had some occasions where spammers will actually post entries on my blog. It hasn’t happened at this site but it’s happened over at It even caused my blog to be booted from Goodreads!

Not only can these clutter up your blog and cause readers not to return, but also they can spread links to malicious software. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your blog every so often. Keep the activity high, post at least once a week. Spammers tend to be drawn to sites that aren’t updated very often. Also, set up spam blocking extensions or apps and make sure your password is hard to quess and change it frquently. Not only will a frequently updated blog attract more readers, but spammers may be more likely to pass it by.

Safety Tips for Bloggers

Make a new entry at least once a week

Use only small (1000 px or less) or watermarked images to prevent theft

Moderate all comments before allowing them on your site

Trash all suspicious comments

Keep your password updated

Investigate spam blockers like Akismet

Visit your own site periodically to check for entries you didn’t make

If you can afford it, pay for website privacy

If you use WordPress, keep the security updates current


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