My fluffy security guard

Our site mascot, Nezumi, makes a good security guard.  She watches out the front blinds to make sure I get home safe, she puts us to bed when it’s time, and she does a great job of monitoring the neighborhood.  No bug or lizard is safe from her – if she can’t catch it herself, she’ll tell us it’s there.  Here she is with one of of our katanas.


A great thing to have in Arizona is something called a security screen.  She loves to sit at them and we have one at the front and the back of the house.  It’s a heavy duty screen door with bars to prevent burglary.  They’re sturdy and I really like having them on my home.  They also make great lizard and bird watching stations.  Sometimes baby lizards crawl up ours.  Here’s one, looking out toward our tall back fence:

doo doo doo lookin out my back door.JPG

Finally, here’s one of the things Nezumi doesn’t want coming inside.  Then again, she might really like it to come inside, but it wouldn’t want to once she found it!


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