Amazing Artist -Marilena Mexi!

Marilena Mexi is not only a wonderful artist, she also writes, and she is the founder of a website called “Will O’ Wisps,” which is dedicated to fantasy.  Some truly talented people can be found there, and the art is absolutely beautiful.  It’s worth the Google Translation, as the site is in Greek!  If you’d like to see more of Marilena’s art, please go here, to  You’ll be glad you did!

Without further ado, here is a sampling of her wonderful work.  You can view even more on her DeviantArt page.







I hope you enjoyed viewing her work as much as I did sharing it!  Here’s a little more about this wonderfully talented person.


Marilena Mexi born in Athens in 1986. Her love and passion for painting from an early age led her to pursue a profession. She graduated from the Applied Arts School Akto and the first years she worked as an illustrator in various design studios in Athens where she collaborated with advertising agencies (2007 -2010). Along the way she worked briefly as a painting teacher for children in recent years working as an illustrator for publishers and card games.

Her work has been presented and emerged several magazines and web sites around the world. Also has participated in events such as London Super Comic Con 2012 and the work has been presented in Vologna and International Moscow BookFair and various children’s and teenage book fairs worldwide. He collaborated with companies like Fantasy Flight Games, Wacom, Imagine FX , Oxford University Press, New Media Publishing of South Africa, Element LLC, Flame Tree Publishing of London.

In addition to her passion for illustration there is another equally possible, that of writing. The 2011 edition alone her first illustrated fantasy novel “rebels” and the second part, “Lull.”

In 2011 she completed a new fantasy novel, “Deerward.” Her desire is to deal professionally with writing as with illustration.

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