The Deadly Deadline

Sometimes you have to really bludgeon your brain to finish a job before it’s due.

It can be really daunting.  That deadline’s coming up, whether it’s a project you have to finish for yourself, art or writing you need to complete for somebody else, or just that baffling one word prompt you want to write about before you have to leave for work.

Mix that with writer’s block and you have one frustrating situation!

Don’t take a sledgehammer to your head though, just get around the writer’s block if you can’t get through it.  Think about something parallel to the subject.  Think around the subject, for want of a better phrase.  Start writing about something else, even if it’s totally random.  If you’re an artist looking for ideas, start looking at the world in some way you’ve never looked at it before.  Doodle.  Go get a cup of something hot and caffeinated, but only one, and try again.

The point is, so many times I’ve had terrible creative block that just blew away like a summer breeze when I started creating.  Even if it was something completely other than my main project, it was like my mental machinery warmed up and started creating ideas again.

You can do that too.  No bludgeoning required.



via Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

3 thoughts on “The Deadly Deadline

  1. For me, if the words aren’t there no amount of bludgeoning will make the writing happen. I have to step away and allow my mind time to breathe.

    Thanks for the comment. Greatly appreciated.

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  2. There are times when an urgent need to complete, and there is no thought. At such times, it does not help anything, merely the thought left my head. Then I go for a walk, and that something to prompt the idea.

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