10 ways to add value to your blog

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If you add value to your writing,  your readers will be more likely to come back.  My favorite blogs, the ones I bookmark and come back to again and again, offer me fantastic value and relevance in my life.  I want to be like them.  So when I post, I like to think “what makes me want to read a blog?  What is valuable to me?”  And then I try to give that to my readers.

A good blog is like a conversation in that both participants benefit from it.  Both reader and writer find it valuable.  The writer, because they share their messages and ideas, and the reader, because they learn something, are amused, or have their thoughts expanded or provoked.  So when you write, always try to create a connection.

10 ways to add value to your blog:


Relate personal experiences

When writing about your own experiences, think “how can I relate this to others?”  Doing that can create a connection, help people feel they aren’t alone.

Share your knowledge

You might think everyone knows about a certain subject.  However, you might have a perspective or know a particular little tip that no one else does.  You can share that.

Be bold

When writing, dare to go a little outside the norm.  Use an active voice, write thoughtfully, and always be honest with yourself and your reader.

Know your audience

I see this all over the net, but what does it really mean?  Take a look at the blogs of people following you.  See what they write about, what they are interested in.  This can help you see what you can offer them, and also give them some extra clicks and views.

Read, read, read

To be a great writer, you must read.  That will give you more to write about as you ponder the ideas you see in the books and articles you explore.


When writing an article about a particular subject, think “Is there something I can offer that other bloggers/writers haven’t?  Is there a connection I can make here that they didn’t?”  Then include that.  It will really add value and freshness to your blog.

Write intentionally

Even with a daily prompt, or a daily check-in post, think “will my readers be elevated, informed, or entertained by reading this post?”  Sometimes all it takes is a little more detail, a few different wording choices to make this answer “yes.”

Be positive

Even if you write about difficult or negative subjects, keep positivity in mind.  Offer solutions if possible.  Encourage your reader.  Look for the lesson in your work, and gently point toward it without being preachy.  This can be a delicate balance but it can be done, with practice.

Delete if needed

Sometimes, a post just doesn’t turn out the way you wanted.  It’s perfectly okay to go back and delete it later if it doesn’t serve the theme of your blog.  You can archive it of course, for later reworking, but you don’t have to keep it up.

Edit, edit, edit

Take an extra look at your posting before you submit.  Give it a thorough check for spelling and grammar issues.  Simply doing this will create a better product, and add value to your work.  It also shows you care about your ideas and your readers.


If you add value to your blog, and think about these principles as you write, you will have more readers who keep coming back to read your work!



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