Everybody wants contentment.  They want that quiet, calm feeling that everything is okay.  They want to have enough to get by, they want the right electronics, nice clothes, a good place to live, the right partner, the right job.  Many think those things are the way to contentment.

A person will never find contentment unless they first embody it.  Contentment comes from within.  You can be perfectly content if you are destitute, even if you aren’t sure where your next meal is coming from, if you have mastered yourself and are a source of your own contentment.  You can be happy with absolutely anything if you’ve learned this.

A common thought is that if you are content, you will never try for anything more.  Not so!  People often use this as a reason not to try for internally motivated contentment.  I know I’ve done that.  Being content with what you have still leaves plenty of room for improvement, while at the same time giving you a safe, calm internal place to work from.

How is that done?

Mindfulness meditation is very good for this.  If you take a small pleasant experience, such as drinking a cup of tea, taking a walk, or looking up into  a sunny sky, fill yourself with the whole sensation.  Notice everything pleasant about it.  The true key is, you can do this with ANYTHING.  That knowledge is true contentment.

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