An ancient use for a Stump

via Daily Prompt: Stump

Did you know you can use a tree stump to make leather?

You can if it’s an oak stump.

You hollow out the top of the oak stump to make a deep cavity.  Let it fill with rain water.  While that’s soaking, take your hide and clean and scrape it as well you can.  Then soak the hide in the water in the top of the stump.

The tannins from the oak wood will help cure the hide for you, just the same as if you’d mashed up acorns.  Speaking of which, if you want to increase the tannins in the stump water, you can add mashed up acorns to your stump.

After you’ve soaked the hide for a while (several days),   you take it out and scrape it again while stretching it on a frame, nailing it to a large board, or side of a building.

There you have it.  Leather from a stump.

(This is only the briefest overview.  If you really want to try this, check out a natural tanning forum for more ideas and advice.)

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