Your Dream Hobby

Is there a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try but never thought you could do it? Something you want to do but don’t think you have the time, space, or money for?

Sometimes it’s fun to think about what we’d do if we could do anything. Then, at least, we can possibly think of something else to do, that scratches the same itch but isn’t quite so tough to get into.

Some “dream hobbies” are simply impossible. Like orbital skydiving if you’re already 85. Some seem impossible but aren’t, really. For example, Teddy Roosevelt was once told by his doctor that his heart was too weak for vigorous exercise so he ought to take it easy. Instead of taking a desk job like he was advised, he climbed the Matterhorn soon after. Now, if you have legitimate medical reasons not to do something then that’s understandable, but sometimes those reasons aren’t quite as immutable as we think.

However, this article is about fantastically impossible hobbies that are just fun to think about. Mine is falconry. I’d love to learn the ways of raptors, fly them, befriend them. Maybe do some education in schools, or get a job chasing off birds at an airport. Another “dream hobby” is raising Akhal Teke horses.

What would make me follow those goals? Enough land to do them in!

Do you have a cherished dream that you know won’t happen? What would it take to make it happen?

Is there another, lesser form of that dream that you could do?

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