What I learned about health from smokers

My partner was a smoker for decades, and finally quit.  We were discussing the habit the other day, and I had some realizations about smoking itself.  I don’t smoke, but I noticed a few things that non smokers would do well to emulate.

Along with the nicotine and other substances, smokers also get a few other things with each cigarette. In the case of people who work outside the home, they get a few minutes outside, rain or shine.

They also get a few minutes of breathing deeply. And they get a calming ritual that is connected with relief of stress and comfort in their minds. They also are sure to do it every few hours at least, no matter what.

They also often get some social interaction and a sense of solidarity. That can be underrated in this rather disconnected world we live in.

Non smokers could reap the same benefits. At times, I have taken an ‘air break’ where I have just gone outside to see the sky and breathe. Wouldn’t it be good if non smokers always went outside every few hours, breathed deeply, and practiced some small calming ritual?

So many of us are overloaded with stress. Perhaps we could do a few low-key stretches, even a simple back stretch, while we breathe deeply and think about whatever the weather happens to be? This would connect us not only to the outside world, but to our own bodies. And the few extra steps needed to get outside would count toward our daily exercise.

Small bits of meditation peppered throughout the day could have untold benefits. Why not give it a try?

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