Strange Sandwiches



Recently I had a strange craving for a peanut butter and bologna sandwich, perhaps with a dash of soy sauce for flavor. I think it would be good on nutty, multigrain bread.

Or maybe peanut butter and turkey? Chicken might clash a bit.

I have had peanut butter and banana, or peanut butter, raisin, and banana sandwiches.

I have put potato chips on my sandwich a few times, too.  Sprouts are a good addition to many things also.

My favorite sandwich used to be corned beef and swiss on dill rye with pickles, tomato, sprouts, lettuce, mayo, and whatever other vegetables I could fit on the sandwich. That wasn’t really strange, I suppose, but it was big, and it was wonderful.

How about a chicken club sandwich on black rye instead of the normal bread?

Or a burger with onion rings on it?

I also really, really like a slice of tofu between wheat bread with dijon mustard.


What is your favorite sandwich? Odd or not?

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