Your Momma wears Army boots!


Well, your Mom might not, but mine did, and I’m proud of it. I wear them too, every time I’m going to be on rough terrain, and in the winter when my sandals just won’t cut it. When my Mom wore Army boots, they were still solid leather construction, black in color.  She has wide feet, and at the time they fit her better than shoes available in normal stores.  They also lasted for years, unlike other junk shoes.  They looked just about like this.  She doesn’t wear them anymore…

…now I do!  My Army boots are desert configuration, with vents on the side, leather and cloth. More comfortable in Arizona, for sure, and very good boots.  I buy them now the same reason why my folks bought them then – because good shoes can be found at military surplus stores, cheaper than most other places, and they last a long time.  A really long time.  I’ve had my pair for about seven years now and they are still in great condition.

I have a funny story about that. When I was little, another kid tried to taunt me by saying “your Mom wears combat boots!”

The problem was, I didn’t even know about the insult!  Since I didn’t think there was anything wrong with it, I fired back with “well yeah? your mom wears high heels!”

Actually I doubt the other kid’s mom did, it wasn’t exactly a high class neighborhood and she probably wore ratty sneakers like everybody else. But MY Mom wore boots, and so did my Dad, actually.  She could hike up a mountain with the best of them.


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