“Stay Beautiful”

While I was working my day job, which is taking and tracking orders in an online pharmacy, just talked with a charming old-timer. He started out frustrated but ended up satisfied when I found a solution for his problem. At the end of the call he asked me where I was. I told him “Arizona,” and we talked about the weather for a bit. The last thing he said to me was “Stay beautiful, young lady.”

That made me pause at first, then made me really think. I am many things but am definitely not beautiful! I’m not really ugly, either, or deformed, or anything like that. I’m just normal looking, rather plain, definitely carrying too much weight. When I thought about it further though I realized that I could still be beautiful in my actions, in my thoughts, in my dreams. After all, beauty is about more than just looks. Everyone has the capacity to be beautiful.

You can be beautiful by being kind, by being patient, by making beautiful things, by making the world a more beautiful place. You can be beautiful by being brave, by being direct, by seeing beauty and by supporting it. To the tired cashier who wants to get off their feet and is tired of looking at impatient shoppers, your understanding smile is beautiful. You can also put your best foot forward, stand tall, be proud of who you are… and if you aren’t proud of who you are, improve yourself till you have something to be proud of. Try to be a person you’d admire. That last is what I’m working on.

Be beautiful!

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