The Love Purse

I’ve never been a purse wearer, but this is about to change.

A person I met at work turned out to be a truly interesting and impressive person.  He has taught me a fair amount about common sense herbalism, that is herbal therapies that have some real testing behind them, clinical or not.  He’s made the first muscle relaxant salve I’ve ever tried that actually works, and he also makes a healing salve that’s second to none.  He has no patience with homeopathy either, which is a view I share.  He also does all kinds of other things, including bookbinding, map drawing, and now, leather tooling.  It’s nice to know someone who DOES THINGS, MAKES THINGS, things which will endure!

When he was let go at my job, I was pretty mad.  I not only missed my friend, but I knew he had a newborn to take care of.  So when I saw him working on his Etsy shop, including offering some truly lovely leather purses, I was interested.  A holiday present of money gave me the resources to commission him.  At my direction, he made this lovely purse:


purse pic small


I love it.  So that’s the first reason why it’s a Love Purse.  I also love supporting local artists.  And I really, really love buying and using something that is truly built to last – this purse is really sturdy, with no weak points or places it’s going to wear out quickly.  It’s a solid item and I expect to have it for many years.  Also, I love my friend.  He’s a really neat person, full of interesting ideas, and I know he’s a great dad to his kids.  I have respect for him.  I want him to be successful!

So that’s why I also included a link to his Etsy shop.  Just click on the picture to see some really neat leather art, jewelry, herbal remedies, and some other interesting items.

I think I’m going to love carrying this purse.


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