Nezumi and the Box

Today, I was packing holiday gifts.  I needed a box to put them in so I bought a new one, still folded flat.

When I brought the cardboard in, my calico began investigating, of course.  First she rubbed her cheek on it.  Then she knocked it down and pushed it around.  Then she tried to unfold the box… I saw what she was doing and opened it for her.  Nezumi loved her new kitty tunnel and had fun walking through it and sitting in it.

The really amusing part (at least to me) was when she then went into her old kitty cave, another cardboard box she’s had for quite some time.  Now I heard her scrabbling around in the back.  It was obvious what was going on.  Having learned about how boxes could be unfolded, and how the flaps came open in the back, she was looking to see if her kitty cave opened that way too!

I love my neko.

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