Arizona Monsoon Probability Chart

Arizona Monsoon Precipitation Probability Chart

If the weather forecaster says we’re going to have a 10% chance of rain, it will probably at least sprinkle.

If she says 20%, it will definitely sprinkle.

If she says 30%, it will rain.

If she says 40%, break out the wipers and umbrellas.

If she says 50%, get ready to be soaked.

If she says 60%, get the boats.

If she says 70%, get IN the boats.

If she says 80%, better expect a big thunderstorm too.

If she says 90%, you might get blown away on top of it all.

And if she says it’s 100% chance of rain with heavy thunderstorms, flooding, and hurricane force gales, and everybody lays out sandbags, and offices close down, and people stay off the roads…

… it might sprinkle.

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