Let me help you, dagnabbit!

I actually like most of my customers. Occasionally I am frustrated because I might actually be able to think of a solution, or at least a temporary fix, but the member is so negative that they won’t accept my offer of “yes.”

Just a friendly bit of advice. I completely understand how frustrating calling customer service can be. But if the rep seems to be halfway intelligent, give them a chance to try to help. It’s what you are calling for anyway, right? Try to refrain from interrupting everything they start to say. I’ll give an example:

A very frustrated fellow came on the line and said “I don’t think you can,” when I asked what I could do to help. This set the tone for the entire call. Every time I tried to think of a way to fix his problem he told me why it wouldn’t work. He often did this before I was even done presenting my solution. I actually had a couple of things I could have tried, but he got so argumentative that I gave up. His own negativity caused his statement to be a self fulfilling prophecy. I try to demonstrate my immediate caring and understanding, because I really do care, but his resistance overcame my best efforts.

What I wish I could have told him at the time: “If you say “you can’t help me” and then interrupt me every time I try to come up with a solution, all my skill and ingenuity will avail you not. I have gotten to the point where I don’t want to argue you into accepting help, when you were asking for it in the first place. So save us both the time and struggle. If you don’t think I can help you, and you intend to stop me from helping you if I do try, then save yourself the hold time and don’t call!”

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