Tears are good for you!

Did you know that it’s very healthy to cry?

Tears serve several purposes. First, they lubricate and protect the eyes. If you don’t produce enough of them you can actually go blind.

Second, tears was away dirt and dust. This is a very good thing.

And third, tears actually carry away stress toxins that build up in the brain. So at those times when you want to cry but you can’t think of any reason to be sad, maybe it’s because you’ve had a stressful time of it and your brain needs to wash those stress toxins away.

If you do have a good, hard cry, you will nearly always feel better afterwards. Think of it as your brain taking a shower!

(If I need to cry, I usually read my mom’s poetry. Some of it really strikes me on a deep emotional level. Working on her anthology just now, I’ve had a good cry, and I can tell you I feel better for it.)

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