Tales from the Desk Side 1

I work at a mail order pharmacy. Sometimes funny things happen.

A member called with this question regarding the label on their pill bottles. Member: Why did I get two instructions? Me: What did they say? Member: The first one says take one pill two times a day by mouth with food. Me: What does the other one say? Member: Take one pill two times a day by mouth with food. Me: That’s the same. Member: But why did I get two bottles? Me: (After checking for duplicate orders) It shows we gave 180 pills. We can’t fit that many pills in just one bottle. Member: (Angry) How was I supposed to know that?? I don’t have osmosis!!! Me: (Doubletake, trying to be just as kind as can be) Well, if you are ever unsure, we do include the number of bottles on the label…

Before anybody says it’s because she’s old or confused, she was 28 and only on one pill, which was not mind altering by the way.

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