My Folks, the Art Patrons

I want to talk about my mom and dad for a moment.

Both my parents have always been such a support to my art. Walking through the art supply store today, confidently knowing what I needed, what I didn’t, what I could save up for, I recalled the days when they used to scrounge accordion fold, tractor feed printer paper for me to draw on. I remember when new pencils or markers were a luxury, when paint was a thing rarely come by. I remember wondering what all those interesting tools were used for, and the joy of later finding out. Art is still a journey for me and I’m still learning, but I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do it without my mom and dad, who always thought I not only could be an artist, but that I already was one. They provided my foundation. My mom’s happiness whenever I did something new and my dad’s steadfast support are treasures I will never forget.

Now, I strive to get to that next stage. Beyond acceptable, I move toward good. And one day, who knows? Perhaps I will become great.

Who has supported you in your art or your favorite endeavors?

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