Meetings on the Phone

I work the phones. Sometimes I get frustrated but many times I love my customers dearly.

I spoke to a World War II vet a few months ago. That population is dwindling and it was a real treat to talk to him. He was quite sharp and had traveled, we got to talking. He’d been some places I’d been, and though I didn’t hear any war stories we connected quickly and parted friends.

Another day, there was a really nice lady who had lived in my town several decades ago. I was able to tell her what had changed, and what was different, and that some of the things she had loved so well about the area were still true.

And then there was the sweet-voiced Irish grandma who said “I want to talk to you next time,” and when I told her that it was random whom she’d get and we didn’t have extensions, hoped to talk to me anyway. A month later, I heard her again on the other line… she said “I wanted to get you, and I did.” It’s never happened before or since.

Many times I get calls from people expecting sto talk to omeone who is bored with their job, who doesn’t want to hear their stories, who doesn’t want to connect with them as people, who just wants to get it over with.

I love surprising them.

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