Cancer-fighting berries?



According to my recent research, cultures where berries and nuts are eaten most frequently seem to have the least incidence of cancer. Part of this can be traced to ellagic acid, which may have an effect on cancer cells. There have been studies done where mice have been fed ellagic acid, and they developed 45% fewer tumors.

Pure berry juice is an important source of iron and many other vital nutrients. Some of the most nutritious berries are blueberries, black currants, and blackberries. The darker, the better! The more color the berry has, the more nutrients and antioxidants it has. Berries are best eaten fresh, but you can also get them dried and in many other forms.

If you drink berry juice, try to get something without sugar or added water or flavors, if at all possible. Then you can add stevia or sugar of your own, and you will end up getting a purer food product.

Berries are good for you. Lots of nutrients, and they satisfy the sweet tooth.

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