Interview with Annie Arcane

Annie Arcane author photoAnnie, thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet.  Though romance isn’t my usual genre, I appreciate the unique spin you have on it and what you try to do with your work.  You’ve done something few authors have, put a fresh new spin on an old idea and most of all, made me laugh throughout this interview!

1. In general, what type of books do you write?
Well, I’ve only published adult contemporary romance so far but since I write everything I love to read, you can most definitely expect some dark romance in the future. The very near future. Hint, hint. Oh, I also whip up a flash fiction online each week for my readers and have made all of those into an ever-growing book too. Does that count? It does? Yay!!

2. What is your general theme?
Wounded/damaged alpha heroes with a healthy (or unhealthy, depending who you ask haha) dose of angst.

3. What drew you to that genre and theme?
Honestly? I haven’t a darn clue. I’ve pretty much been writing disabled heroes for as long as I’ve been writing romance. Which has been since for-ev-er ago.

With that said, what draws me to the genre now is how under/misrepresented PWDs are in fiction. I love the challenge of writing disabilities accurately AND keeping it sexy at the same time. I just wanna murder all the stereotypes, ya know? My longterm vision is to collaborate with related charity foundations and increase awareness with my writing. The Wounded Warrior Project is first on my list.

4. If you could give a message to all your readers, what would it be?
Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

I have the best readers ever. Yeah, I realize all authors say that about their readership but mine is seriously, legitimately, unequivocally THE BEST. I’m both grateful for and humbled by their crazy support. Like, let’s be real here, shall we? I’m a complete unknown who’s done everything herself and not all that well either haha! So, yeah, I owe everything to my readers.

5. Since our readers are dying to know, tell us a little about your background.
Ah, the boring stuff…

Hmm. I’m a Vietnamese-Canadian with a B.Sc. in Biology with a minor in English. I work in the fitness industry and am a total tomboy. Shooting guns? Rockclimbing? Driving/modeling import cars? UFC? Yes, please! I’m also a self-proclaimed nerd. Disney? Anime? Crunching numbers for no good reason? Just hook it up to my veins, baby!!

6. What made you realize you could write?Hart Broken
Huh? Whoever said I could write?

Kidding. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. I was obsessed with R.L Stine when I was a kid and ended up running out of Fear Street books to read the summer I was 9 years old cuz, well, I’d read them ALL. So my sister, who’s 11 years older, took me to the public library, introduced me to my first romance novel (Silver Angel by Johanna Lindsey) annnd…

A romance-writing monster was born. Dun dun dun.

7. How hard or easy was it to write your first book?
Very, veeery easy because I never intended to publish at all.

Yeah, I’m totally an “accidental” author. I literally sat down one day in 2015 and started typing up this story. No outline, no gameplan, no direction whatsoever (I believe the official term is “panster”). About 8 weeks later I was like, “Huh. I’ve written over 40K words. Maybe I should share this crap somewhere, eh?” So with the help of Google, I found an established fiction blog and started serializing chapters. A few weeks later, I moved to my own site cuz…reasons. Okay, fine. I’m a full-fledged control freak. Don’t judge me. Unless you want to.

Anyhoo, by the time I finished Queen of Harts (original title for Hart Broken) roughly 9 months later, my very humble following of insanely loyal readers asked me to release an ebook version for them. Well, I absolutely adore those buggers and can never say no to them so 3 weeks later…

Voila! A (poorly edited) book was born!!

Hart of His8. What advice would you give to someone who wanted to write one?
To quote a multi-billion dollar corporation? Just do it. Thanks, Nike!

Seriously, though, I’m a shoot-for-moon-to-land-amongst-the-stars type of person and tend to leap before I look (no typo). While I admit that being impulsive and reckless has gotten me into trouble before, it’s also opened so many doors in my life. Writing has proven to be no different in my limited experience.

9. Is there one thing in particular that inspires you more than anything else?
Hmm, I don’t consider myself a very “inspired” writer, which sounds pretty bad, eh? But to actually answer the question, I draw a lot from real-life experience. Take my first book, for example…

Mickey is me in a nutshell right down to her personal style, weird quirks, bad habits, and tomboy hobbies. Emotionally, Cale is pretty much every man I’ve ever loved in my entire life all rolled into one. He’s an self-made alpha male with a chip on his shoulder who’s vulnerable for only one person – his woman. Yep. That’s my men. Physically, Cale is still based on my men from the waist up, but from the waist down…

Cale is based on the four paraplegics who were sweet enough to answer all my disability-related questions. And since I’ve never actually been with a disabled man myself, you’d better believe I did a ton of research and asked a ton of highly inappropriate questions.

*shifty eyes*

10. Do you have any tips for overcoming writer’s block?
Well, I’ve never experienced writer’s block in the traditional sense since I’m the master of brain vomit and can whip up a random scene on demand. No joke. My only guess is to keep on writing even if it’s something totally irrelvant to your WIP. Yeah, I’m not very helpful. Meh.

11. If you could choose a legacy and be remembered by something, what would it be?Hart of Hers.jpg

I’ve worked with a ton of charity foundations through my fitness company and plan on using my writing to do the exact same thing.

A charity foundation for disabled children in 3rd world countries is on the horizon. I don’t need to be remembered for it but I sure as heck want it to continue on after I’m dead and gone.

12. What is your latest book about? (feel free to be as detailed as you want)
Author: You wanna answer this question?
Cale: Sure. It’s all about me.
A: (laughs) You’re so full of yourself.
C: (shrugs) You asked.
A: Isn’t the book about Mickey too?
C: (frowns) Yeah, but I don’t like sharing her.
A: Even with readers?
C: (shrugs again)
A: You’re a bit too possessive, buddy.
C: Hey, you wrote me that way.
A: (giggles) True enough.

13. If people want to learn more about you, where can they go?
I can be easily stalked on my author website, I’m also known for being the most approachable author ever (no exaggeration) so people are welcome to contact me personally as well. I read and answer every single email, so yep! Contact away!!

14. What’s the secret recipe for indie author success?
Limited amounts of sleep, a regular coffee drip (black with a touch of vanilla powder), and lots of cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Okay, I don’t consider myself “successful” yet. Just wanted to talk about cookies.


Books page:


Cale & Mickey Series
Hart Broken, Book 1:
Hart of His, Book 2:
Hart of Hers, Book 3:
Hart of Mine, Book 4:

In a Flash:

100% Proceeds to Charity
Dare to Love:


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The Nuances of Indieworld – Interview with Julie A. Gerber

Julie author photoToday, we have an especially interesting interview.  Julie A. Gerber is founder of Away We Go Media and handles social media management and consulting for authors.  I had a lot of fun finding out more about her!

When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

I never really thought I would be a writer. I wrote things throughout my life and I even had things published in local newspapers. I was having fun, but my mom always teased that I would be a writer someday. I still consider myself more of a social media assistant that works for writers instead of an actual writer. I have coauthored two books. Maybe after I write my first solo book, I will feel more like a writer!

When and how did you finish your first book?unnamed (1)

I published my first book, Tortured Souls: The
House On Wellfleet Bluffs, with Linda Cadose and M.M. Hudson through Createspace. We completed it last year.

What made you want to help authors, and how did you get started??

Back in 2008, soon after my youngest was born, I began a blog. My family was going through a hard time. A tornado hit us. Contractors hit us harder and destroyed our house. We lived in a house my parents owned and went out of pocket to gut our house and put it back together. We didn’t have money for birthdays or Christmas. We didn’t always have enough food or clothes for our kids. Instead of asking for help, I decided to get creative and I learned how to build a blog, review products, and build a following. It wasn’t long before authors began finding me, asking me to feature their books. One of my clients asked me for help and then another followed. Pretty soon, I had a small client list and discovered a huge need in the author community. It grew, and so did my knowledge and experience.

If you could tell authors who want to be successful anything at all, what would it be?

You have to keep writing, but if you don’t balance that with promotion and building relationships with your fans, you will not reach your potential. Every author wants to sell books. I’ve found that a lot of authors think all they have to do is write and eventually the readers will follow. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen that way. If you don’t invest time in marketing and building relationships, you are missing a huge opportunity. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive if you are smart. Learn from other authors and discuss ideas.

What is a long term goal of yours?

My long term goal is that one day, the Navigating Indieworld brand is known throughout the indieworld. I want our brand to be one of the most recognized for indie authors, and the most helpful. I want to expand our reach beyond the writers, and welcome the readers to explore our world.

If you could do anything as an author, what would it be? The sky’s the limit.

I would love more than anything to buy a huge stone house in Scotland or Ireland and spend my days writing books that people can’t wait to read.

Name one thing you wish you had known when starting out.

Let’s go back to my beginning blogger days. I wish, more than anything, that I would have realized how easy it was to build a following. Back in the blogging heyday, you could use giveaways to gain likes and people didn’t fret over terms of service on different sites and platforms. If I had known more about how to build a following, my pages would have exploded right along with the other bloggers from my time. Lesson learned.

What is your upcoming fiction book about?

My current work in progress is loosely based on my great-aunt. She was one of the first female physicians in North Carolina. My character is both dedicated and strong. Her story is about love found and love lost. Through her heartbreak, she finds a new passion in medicine as she begins a journey that will take her to the most unexpected places.

What is the main character like, and what is interesting about them?

She is strong willed. As a child, she was told she had to act a certain way. She was told she couldn’t do things because she was a girl. An unlikely source gave her the push she needed to start on a life changing journey that would take her from the mountains of North Carolina to the bayous of Louisiana and back again. You’ll have to wait for the rest. I hope to release it later this year.

I noticed you co-authored a book called Navigating Indieworld. What is it about?

Navigating Indieworld is a tell-all book about unnamedwhat it takes to be a successful indie writer. We start with what to do before you publish and continue with everything that comes after your book is out. Publishing is the easy part!  We break things down in an easy to read manual that tells you the important things you need to know. We give you the scoop on social media and other promotions. We tell you where you can save and what you can expect. The book is not intimidating. It reads like you are having dessert with two girlfriends and discussing writing, publishing, and marketing. There is humor woven throughout, so that makes it a very friendly conversation!

What were the biggest challenges you encountered when writing it?

Providing details without boring anyone to death. It was important not to leave out steps and to make the information easy to read and understandable. We wanted authors to be able to relate to us and the things we did. We tried not to be boring while giving out a bookload of information on writing and publishing. I hope we succeeded.

If readers want to find out more about you and your work, where can they go?


Facebook: and



Google Plus:


Thank you for joining us, Julie!

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Desiring adventure? Check out Missy Sheldrake’s new book!

Missy Sheldrake has just released Book Four of her Keeper of the Wellsprings Series, entitled Call of Hywilkin!


In Book Four of the Keepers of the Wellsprings series…

A fallen prince, vanished. A ransom on His Majesty’s Elite demanded by shaky allies. A kingdom teetering on the brink of darkness.

Azi and Rian find themselves on an urgent quest to Hywilkin, a harsh land of ice and snow reigned by heartless men with no trust in kindness or beauty, and a cruel intolerance for magic of any kind.

Lurking in the far corners of the world, the Sorcerers of Dusk threaten their quest, weaving darkness into their hearts and minds. In Brindelier, they lure Tib into their dangerous plots as he investigates the conspiring shadows of the city.

Appealing to a Keeper of a Wellspring for an offering is no easy feat—especially in Hywilkin, where access to the abandoned magical Source remains forbidden. The Champions of Light must prevail, or Brindelier’s All-Source and all of the Known Lands will fall forever into the grips of Sorcery.


Missy Sheldrake is an author/illustrator who has been conjuring images of fairies in one form or another since she was very young. The wind in the trees and the rich scent of forest earth are her most treasured sources of inspiration, and on most mornings you will find her wandering the wooded paths, dreaming of the next adventure she hopes to put to the page.

Missy was born in Connecticut and attended Western Connecticut State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Art with a concentration in painting and illustration. Even then, in her free time, she was writing. She moved to Northern Virginia several years ago and lives there now, on the outskirts of Washington D.C., with her true love and their son. She published her first novel, Call of Kythshire, in March of 2015 and intends to keep writing as long as the fairies allow it.

Call of Kythshire (Book One):
Call of Sunteri (Book Two):
Call of Brindelier (Book Three):
Call of Hywilkin (Book Four)
Snowberry Blossom (Perma-free holiday short story):

Amazon Author Page:

Angel Chadwick’s interview of me!

Some of you may recall that I interviewed Ms. Chadwick on Friday, here, and she has returned the favor.  Check her site and books out, they are great!  She asked a lot of interesting questions, too.  Her interview is here.  If you aren’t a member of Goodreads, I’ve included the interview, slightly edited for length, below.

Angel Chadwick
Portrait Small
Roh Shaw








Hi, Rohvannyn!

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your latest novel, cover art, illustrations.

Hi! Thank you for interviewing me. It’s an honor. I live in Tucson, Arizona, and I work in customer service but write and draw every chance I get. I’ve been drawing ever since I was tiny, and writing since I learned to type. I love cats, especially my floofy, crazy calico, and live with my partner of nearly 13 years. She helps me edit my books and is an artist herself. My latest novel is a book called “Rageth,” which is about a call center worker who has to deal with a ghost haunting her phone lines. My latest book, though, is “Self Publishing Made Easy,” which I’ll say more about later.

2. What inspired you to be a writer, artist and/or illustrator/ to get into indie publishing? How long have you been writing and/or illustrating? How long have you been published as an indie author? Has your cover art or illustrations been published? If yes, then where? If not, would you want it to and in which publications or websites?

As far as my art goes, I’ve been doing it so long it’s just something that’s part of my life. My wonderful partner, however, is the inspiration to keep improving it instead of staying in one spot and resting on my laurels. That’s true with both writing and drawing. I’ve been illustrating for perhaps fifteen years, though I started drawing thirty five years ago, roughly. I’ve been writing for perhaps fifteen years as well, and have been serious about it for about five. My cover art is on several of my own books, as well as on and in books by two other authors. My art has been featured in Venue Magazine of Moses Lake, Washington, on the front of a martial arts studio, on a parade float, at a couple of Star Wars fan sites, and of course on my own sites.

3. Who are your writing mentors/authors/artists/illustrators? What genres do you enjoy writing and what genres do you like to read? Are you an avid reader/reviewer and/ or appreciative of other authors, artists and illustrators?

The closest thing to mentors were probably my high school writing teacher and my parents. An author I truly respect is Richard Marius, who wrote the excellent book “A Writer’s Companion.” As far as illustrators, I was truly inspired by the work of Wendi Pini of ElfQuest when I was young, though now I have too many to name. I enjoy writing Science fiction, light modern horror, fantasy, and non fiction essays. I enjoy reading military sci fi, regular sci fi, modern horror, non fiction essays, history, and alternative history. I do truly appreciate the work that other artists, authors, and illustrators do because every time I look at or read something, it has the potential to teach me.

4. Have you ever co-written, or considered collaborating with your artwork on a project?

My spouse and I are planning a collaboration on a novel right now, which will be a military sci fi setting. We’re batting ideas around about worlds and cultures, ship designs, weapon designs, things like that. I’ll be doing a lot of the writing, she’ll be doing a lot of the 3-d rendering of the art. We have another novel we’re thinking of that will be more of a true writing collaboration, a cyberpunk story.

5. What are your dreams and aspirations that could drive you forward on this writing/publication and illustrative journey?

They are twofold. One, I simply enjoy writing and doing art, and I dream of being able to do that more. Two, I would like to be able to make some income when I have gotten older and have become too feeble to do traditional work. With today’s economy I can’t expect a pension so I would love to still be able to support myself. Of course, it would also be fun to see my work all over and have people be able to enjoy it!

6. Do you prefer to do marketing and promotion yourself for your works or would you rather have someone else control that spectrum? What are some of the things you have done to promote and market yourself?

I do my own promotion. I’ve used handbills, author interviews, advertising on my own sites, and also had some luck with the promotion that Amazon automatically does when you publish a book. I’ve also done a couple of free eBook promotions, posted on various fora about my books, and done a Goodreads Giveaway. I haven’t seen the benefit to paying for large amounts of advertising, since it often doesn’t seem to pay off.

7. What is your greatest accomplishment as an author, cover artist, and illustrator?

I think my greatest accomplishment was completing The Dice of Fate. I worked hard on the cover painting, made illustrations for the interior, and spent months working on the interior. I also took my editor’s advice and made neccessary changes when she pointed out serious flaws in the story. Anyone who’s written a story and then taken it to an editor knows what I mean! That project brought together all three aspects of what I do.

8. What’s the next writing and or illustrating project(s) you’re working on?

I’m putting the finishing touches on a modern horror novel about a call center worker, a metalhead, and a ditzy nurse who have to save Tucson from a spectral presence who possesses the phone lines. It’s kind of a dark comedy with serious elements. I’m also slowly getting a fantasy novel into shape, which is about a mage’s apprentice who unexpectedly finds a winged horse, and must find a way to win her freedom. I don’t have any illustrating projects at the moment, thought that could change at any time.

9. How would you balance creativity with the business side of writing and illustrating such as coming up with particular concepts and solutions to stand out among the crowd in this writing/publishing/illustrating industry where ‘popularity’ is key, if your idea wasn’t exactly popular/or was unknown to the readers/publishers/art galleries and other art websites?

I try to do things a million people haven’t done, or if I do something that’s been done, I try to do something different with it. Then in my description I try to pique the reader’s interest and show them why I’m a bit different. I have noticed though, that there are a fair number of people who really want more of the same thing they already liked, so complete innovation may not always be needed. Being original is still important but sometimes it’s okay to fit into a genre. It’s easier to sell when you can quickly and clearly state what you have to sell, rather than fitting something into ten different genres.

10. Have you ever been traditionally published? Would you consider it? Or feel like a sell out if you took a traditional deal and abandoned indie publishing? Have you ever thought about being a hybrid, part indie, part traditional published? How would you feel about such an opportunity, if both or either of these things happened? How would you feel if your artwork was featured on a prominent art website or gallery opening?

I’ve written articles and made illustrations that were traditionally published. I haven’t had any novels or stories published that way, though. If I were approached for a publishing contract I’d read it thoroughly and take it if the terms were right. I’d always stay at least part indie, though. I’d feel honored and be glad that someone approached me in that way. If I were featured on a prominent art website, I’d be stunned and pleased, and a gallery opening is my secret dream. Of course, that’s unlikely because my art is so “lowbrow,” ha ha!

11. What other creative talents do you have besides being a writer and illustrator? Do you paint, build sculptures, etc. What kind of artwork do you do (ex: conceptual art, sketches, etc.)

I paint in both acrylics and watercolors. I draw in pen and ink, which is the bulk of what my illustrations are done in. I also enjoy markers, colored pencils, graphite sticks, and chalks on black background. I do sketch, sometimes just to rough out a concept, but will often finish them in ink.

12. What advice would you give other aspiring authors, cover artists and/or illustrators?

First, never give up. The most successful people in the world are not the most talented, but the most persistent. Second, in all you do, always strive to do a little better than you did before. Third, welcome all learning opportunities of all kinds. Fourth, if you’re a freelancer, don’t give friends and family deep discounts. Once you start down the discount path, forever will it dominate your destiny, because they’ll pass their own discounts on to others and your fees will be eaten away. And finally, never give up.

13. Describe yourself in a one-sentence epithet.

Nightmare to both sides – a sandal-wearing, Lesbian, Anarchocapitalist, Atheist gun nut. LOL!

14. Paying it forward. What things do you do in your community/ and other communities to help others?

I said I’d mention “Self Publishing Made Easy again. I wrote it to help my fellow indies. I wanted people who are new to self publishing to have a really cheap (99 cents) resource that will save them from many of the newbie pitfalls and make sure they do everything needed to write and publish a successful book. As far as paying it forward, I’ve begun hosting fellow authors on my blog, and I also participate in various charity events held by my day job. In one of our recent events, we donated a school bus load of supplies to local kids in need. I bought a whole bunch of notebooks and put post-its with inspirational messages inside, for my contribution. I love finding creative ways to help my community, whether it’s my local community or my online one!

Social Media Links:


Art site:

Twitter: @Rohvannyn

DeviantArt: http://firstprimeofcessna.deviantart….

(To view the whole, unedited author interview including bio, check out Angel’s Goodreads page!)

Featured Author – Angel Chadwick

Welcome to a new event on Mindflight called Friday Feature!  Our first featured author is Angel Chadwick, who has a new novel out called “Weeping Well.”  I was fortunate enough to be able to interview her, so without further ado, let’s get to the questions!


Hi Angel!  Welcome to the Friday Feature.  I was wondering, what made you want to start writing?

Hi, my name is Angel Chadwick! I’m a mom, reader, reviewer, an indie author of all genres, mainly mixed genres, plays, scripts, a bit of an inventor of business ideas to help disabled families and disabled communities. When I was thirteen, and I wrote a short story for an English assignment, got an A on it and my English teacher was so impressed with my writing ability she raved about it in class and encouraged me to continue writing. So I guess I owe it all to Mrs. Wilson, my English teacher who saw and appreciated my potential, a potential and ability I didn’t know I had. Before that the only creative things I ever did was sketch art and paper sculptures when I was ten, when I lost that skill,  I thought my creativity was gone forever.

Interesting!  Please name a book that shaped how you write, or influenced you, and share why.

I don’t have a particular book, since I have so many I find interest in and so many influence me, particularly classic literature, but Edgar Allan Poe is one of my favorite authors, Bret Harte, Tennessee Williams, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William Shakespeare the list goes on and on. So I guess those authors to name a few would be my influences as well as my own life experiences, thoughts, feelings and ideas about things in the world and about the world, but my works will always have literary influences from those authors of classic and English literature. I love classic literature, Shakespearean plays. The intensity, the sheer emotion in these authors’ works is what draws me in as an author, reader and fan.

What sort of books do you write?

I write all genres, particularly mixed genres. All my books have a wealth of diversity in them. I write mystery, thriller, romantic suspense, comedy, graphic novels, horror, speculative fiction, steampunk, plays, coming of age, new adult, young adult, cozy mysteries, action/adventure the list goes on and on, pretty much just about everything.

What is your latest book?   unnamed-1

My latest novel is “Weeping Well” the first book in the four book series. I prefer write each book when doing a series as a standalone. The sequel is in the writing process, already plotted out.

What was the inspiration?

A lot of it arose from my own life experiences. I started writing it four years ago.  I thought about tragedy, family, loss, pastimes so that’s how that came about.

What’s interesting/special about your book?

Lots of intricate plot twists, emotion, action and adventure, diversity and a unique concept.

Are you intending any sequels, or is it part of a series?

Yes, there are three more books coming soon in the “Weeping Well” series.

Where should people go if they want to find out more about you or your work?

Amazon, my Amazon Author Page, Goodreads Profile and blog, my Facebook Author Page,

Thank you, Angel, for joining us!  I wish you the best of luck with your books and your writing career.  It was a pleasure having you.  Readers, if you’d like to see more about Angel Chadwick, please go here:

Amazon Author Page:

 Goodreads Author Profile and Goodreads Blog:

 Facebook Author Page:

 Wattpad Profile Page:

Surprise Review! Thank you, Jessica!

⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ 5 out of 5 stars I want more! Gateway Drug is a fast, satisfying novella in which we meet Rowan, a young practitioner of paganism and witchcraft. Something foul is afoot in her neighborhood. Uniquely attuned to the energies around her, Rowan senses a connection between drug use and demon possession. When her best […]

via Book Review: Gateway Drug by Rohvannyn Shaw — Jessica Jesinghaus