Getting Started

When you enter the Infinite Wilds for the first time, you are randomly given a Club

A village and its fountain

Village to start at.

Club Villages have shops where players sell tack, supplies, dyes, and raw materials, a place to take care of your horses, a place to identify whatever Wilds you have found, a vet in case your horses are injured or sick, a library where you can learn skills, a place to sell horse you want to get ride of, trainers, and more.  The more club members contribute to their Club, the more activities are possible and the bigger the Village becomes.

When you first start playing though, you have literally nothing except a plain set of clothes to wear.  Not to worry, though!  You’ll begin earning more soon.

One of the first things to do though, is find the library and pick a Specialization.  When you are first starting out, the Harvester and Nimble specializations are good to have, since Harvester gives you a 25% chance of collecting double the amount of whatever you are gathering, and Nimble reduces the energy cost of gathering.  When you are new you do a lot of gathering and you can always change Specializations later.

Note: When this game goes Live you will have to join a Club to be able to pick a specialization.  Right now though, in Beta, you can pick one (or two if subscribed) without joining.


Another thing you need to know about is money.  You gather gold dust to get money.

X marks the spot

You can earn it by doing minigames that are scattered around the landscape, you can sometimes sell items to shops, you can catch and sell wild horses, and you can also do things like finding Pirate Treasures (found on beaches) and finding pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Rainbows are pretty hard to miss.  Mother Horse Stones, which look like flat rocks with a glowing horse head on them, also give you money, as do Meteorites.  A Meteorite kind of looks like a Pirate Treasure but it

pirate treasure chest
Pirate treasure!

has a black ball in the middle of it.

Essence is another type of money, that you can collect to trade in for tools like the Brush and the Lasso (both very good tools to have at the beginning.)  It glows at night and bobs up and down, there are different kinds for each Biome.

Finally, there’s Mobla.  That’s the real-world money purchasable currency, that is traded for things like club ownership, subscriptions, custom horses, and more.

Beach Essence
Essence found on a beach

In Beta, you can’t buy it yet but you get a certain amount handed to you randomly while you play.

One specialty kind of currency is Wishing Coins.  If you are a subscriber, you get one of those every day that you play.  Tossing one of them into a fountain (found in Club Villages) will give you some essence, some gold dust, or a few items.

So, say you just started the game and want to know what to do first?

That’s simple – walk around, explore, click on things.  If you are told you can’t pick berries or something because you are in club lands, just move farther away.  Some land is protected as part of ranches or clubs, but never fear, there’s plenty of room for everyone!

You will see that your Energy bar goes down when you perform actions like gathering or doing work, your Focus goes down when you craft something (you won’t have to worry about that very much yet) and your Travel bar goes down when you use “Quick Travel.”

Quick travel is great because you can save places you’ve been, and basically warp to them instantly.  You can also Travel to club locations, so check out what’s available in the “clubs” menu.

If I were really new, I’d start by finding a beach and collecting coconuts and looking for pirate treasures.  I’d collect Essence till I had enough for a Lasso, then I’d go off looking for wild horses.  They really are all over the place, sometimes in herds, so it’s not hard to find some.

Using the Lasso:

Quite honestly, the Lasso takes practice.  The easiest way I’ve found to use it is like this:

close view
Wild horse seen through telescope

Get as close as you can to the wild horse by creeping up on it.  If it runs off, just preposition yourself, they won’t go far and they usually stand fairly still once they’ve stopped.  Try to have the horse’s head pointing to the left while you are alongside it.

Aim the crosshairs on the horse’s neck.

Whirl the Lasso around your head at least three times, on the third or forth revolution try to release a bit early so that the loop will fall right before or on the horse’s head.  This does take practice, but you have unlimited time, and the horses will stay still for you.

Riding Bareback is possible though you will be thrown a lot.  Once you have a horse, it’s time to start checking player stores to see if you can find a bridle, saddle and pad.  Keep your horse fed, watered and groomed, and they will carry you far!

More tips

Pay attention to the Beginner Bird quests and don’t be afraid to ask for help in Help Chat.

Gather logs before trees – it may be more tedious but it uses a lot less energy in the beginning.

Pick a specialty – at Club Libraries, there are some really helpful specialties you can pick so I advise going there as soon as possible.

Do Minigames – they are a zero-energy-loss way to gain money and essence, plus they are fun.

Gather with a purpose – have a plan of what you need first, so you can spend your energy on the most important stuff in the beginning.