How to get an arm workout – at a desk job!

I work a very sedentary desk job.  I don’t get much more exercise than walking to the bathroom and back.  I can try to walk more briskly but that doesn’t do too much.  My weakest area is my arms and upper body in general.  Okay, I have typing fingers of steel, but that’s not quite the same.  What’s a bored customer service rep to do?

Use my muscles against each other!  By pressing my hands together as hard as I can, then moving them in circles or up and down, I can work my biceps, triceps, wrists and forearms.  These, and other movements that can be static or moving, challenge me almost as much as if I were picking up large pieces of metal and putting them down again.

By grasping the side of my cube and moving myself with my hands only, I can work my arms and shoulders.  I can do chair dips in my office chair – I admit, mostly in the evenings when people aren’t around.  I can also put my hands under my desk and press up, letting that act like a biceps curl.  I can also do spine twists, or arch my spine forward and back for a bit of a stretch.  Sometimes I do leg raises under the desk.

With ingenuity and determination, it’s amazing how much upper body exercise you can get at work.

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